P.U.M.A. merges an in-depth understanding of the marketplace with organizational development expertise to create doable action plans with the tools needed for successful implementation.

Downtown Action Plans

P.U.M.A.’s market-based downtown action plans evaluate trends, demographics, community priorities, stakeholder perspectives and place-making opportunities to create a distinctive niche and positioning strategy for downtown. To get the most out of market opportunities, P.U.M.A. identifies development districts, clustering strategies and site-specific project options. Recommendations are developed for public/private partnerships to create effective programs and mobilize capital for implementation.

Local and Regional Market Analysis and Economic Development

P.U.M.A. creates tailored economic development strategies designed to maximize local and regional market opportunities, whether for a single city block or an entire county. In addition to broad community outreach, we may perform market analysis, resident survey and/or development feasibility analysis, business surveys, focus groups and one-on-one meetings. Implementation tactics are designed to best fit the unique economic, political and budgetary characteristics of communities.

Corridor Plans

P.U.M.A. provides planning and urban design services for street corridors ranging from a couple of blocks to several miles with the goal of creating great places, increasing walkability and enhancing economic development opportunities. Our process often includes multi-day design charrettes with residents, city staff, transportation departments, developers, business owners and advocacy. We provide realistic and financeable solutions for improvements to connectivity, streetscape, building types and zoning.

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