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Downtown Recover from Pandemic Could Be Relatively Quick | 91.3-FM WIBC Indy’s Mobile News – June 19, 2020

(INDIANAPOLIS) — The pandemic’s devastation of downtown businesses could end up fueling a downtown revival.

Progressive Urban Management Associates president Brad Segal says the economic damage from the pandemic is actually an acceleration of trends already in motion. He calls it “euthanasia” for malls and department stores that were already struggling. He predicts a surge in community-based and community-focused startups in their place.

And Segal says it’s an opportunity for Indy and other cities to take risks, like Indy’s street closures to expand outdoor dining. He says sidewalk dining downtown and on Mass Ave has been a hit, despite a bare-bones backdrop of street department barricades. He says a more carefully designed approach with landscaping and canopies to provide shade could be an even bigger success. Read More>>