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The Social Equity of Cities: Is There A New Normal?

  As a self professed downtown, center-city enthusiast, I was jazzed to lay my hands on a copy of the much anticipated 2014 edition of P.U.M.A's Global Trends Report featuring ground breaking research on demographic, lifestyle, global competition and other factors impacting the future of cities. This report in my estimation was "spot on" in [...]

Welcome Michael Scott, P.U.M.A. Resident Urban Journalist!

We are pleased to introduce Michael Scott, who will be serving as our resident journalist and blogger.  He'll explore emerging urban and economic development trends and provide updates on P.U.M.A. projects along with team member profiles to be featured on our online blog. Michael is an authentic urban enthusiast, managing his own website and multiple [...]

P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report 2014 – Downtowns Reborn

This week, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver, we are releasing the 2014 edition of Top Ten Global Trends Affecting Downtowns and How to Respond at Home. To our knowledge, the P.U.M.A. Global Trends Report is the only publication that looks at top trends in demographics, lifestyles and global competition, places them in [...]

Downtown Indy Moves Forward with Velocity

Earlier this week, downtown Indianapolis became the latest major center city to unveil a new strategic plan.  In a city made famous by fast cars, Velocity provides a realignment of vision and priorities for downtown that will guide Indianapolis Downtown Inc. (IDI) and its civic partners for the next five years. Downtown Indy picked an [...]

Imagine Downtown: San Diego’s Post-Redevelopment Vision

Last night, the Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP) unveiled its new vision and strategic plan – Imagine Downtown.   As San Diego’s first post-redevelopment vision for its downtown, the plan is innovative in several respects.   Imagine Downtown creates a compelling game plan to unify downtown, formalizes the re-engineering of the DSDP and identifies new tools and [...]

Rolling Retail — A Solution for Food Deserts?

Would it surprise you if I said that approximately one out of every four Coloradoans live in a desert? Now you might instantly think of a sandy desert in Africa but that’s not the kind of desert I’m talking about. I’m talking about “food deserts” – areas where residents lack access to fruits, vegetables, and [...]

New Change Agents in Downtowns

Lately, we’ve noticed that there is a real entrepreneurial spirit brewing in the downtowns that we are working in that is creating excitement! It seems that a single person, often “hipsters” or a non-traditional group is creating activities, businesses and services that is changing our downtown environments. From San Diego and Indianapolis to Los Angeles [...]