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The Geography of Faith

Ruth and I are currently in Istanbul, after winding up a study tour of Israel – our first visit to both places.  The Israel study tour, coordinated by our Denver synagogue, included a variety of tours, speakers and experiences designed to provide a look at the country’s past, present and future.  In addition to getting [...]

Anna Jones for Denver City Council

Anna, at left, with the PUMA team Anna Jones, vice president at P.U.M.A. and my professional colleague of nearly 15 years, is a candidate for the open City Council seat in District 10 of Denver.   Anna entered the race after the progressive candidate, Roger Sherman, unexpectedly withdrew. We whole-heartedly support Anna in her [...]

Cultural Arrogance: A Threat to Downtowns?

Last week, NewGeography published an interesting post by urban planner Pete Sanders entitled A Typology of Gentrification.  Sanders made the case that gentrification is more likely to thrive in cities with older, walkable urban neighborhoods and, somewhat provocatively, cities with lower African American populations.  The point of the essay was that gentrification is not a [...]

Cleveland Rocks with Step Up Downtown

Earlier this week, it was our pleasure to participate in the roll out of Step Up Downtown, a new vision and tactical plan to guide private and public investment strategies in Cleveland for the next five to seven years.   Step Up is the latest strategic plan initiated, financed and managed by a downtown management organization [...]

Welcome J.J. Folsom to P.U.M.A.!

We’re excited to welcome seasoned urban designer and transportation planner J.J. Folsom to P.U.M.A. as our new senior associate.  J.J. brings 20 years of experience with transit oriented design, urban design, downtown planning, streetscape plans, complete streets and alternative transportation projects.   At P.U.M.A., J.J. will lead placemaking planning and design services to bring added depth [...]

Downtowns: What Do Millennials Really Want

A major point of emphasis in the 2014 edition of P.U.M.A's Global Trends Report is the emerging impact of the Millennial Generation (also known as “Gen Y”), an 80 million strong demographic born from (1977 to 2003) that represents approximately one quarter of the U.S population. And for good reason Millennials are creating seismic shifts in [...]

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs): Six Emerging Trends

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have an long history of delivering improvements to designated commercial and business areas. Property owners situated within these districts pay additional taxes or fees to fund public safety, sanitation, visitor service, branding and promotional efforts, and other activities; this designed to ensure the vitality and economic development of the core district [...]

Community-Building Essential to Downtowns?

In recent weeks, we have provided the same programming recommendation to district management organizations in two very different parts of the world.  In both downtown Springfield, Missouri, an up and coming urban center, and Cherry Creek North, a tony retail district in Denver, we have suggested that “community-building” become a core service of their management [...]