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Placemaking Within Place Management

By Cole Judge, P.U.M.A. SeniorAssociate My thoughts on placemaking: Placemaking should be intentional and collaborative – with the goal of enhancing a shared space to benefit community building and place-based economic development. Local context is critical – as enhancing a place should fit within a local understanding, identity and imagination. As city builders, our [...]

On Placemaking and Gentrification

By Bree Davies, P.U.M.A. Project Assistant What does it mean to make a place? Who decides that a place is to be made? Once a place is made to the standards of a certain set of people, who then is allowed or not allowed to be in that space? Can placemaking truly happen without the [...]

Is It Really “Placemaking”?

By Yvette Freeman, P.U.M.A. Senior Strategist “Placemaking” is a term commonly used in my industry, related to planning, business improvement districts (BIDs), and activating/managing public spaces. I have a strong visceral reaction to this term which I do not accept, much less embrace. Some places that have been “made” were previously occupied and used [...]

On Placemaking

By Amanda Kannard, P.U.M.A. Associate In the planning profession, ‘placemaking’ has become a ubiquitous term used to describe small-scale physical and programmatic improvements to the public realm. Not only is it taught almost religiously in planning schools, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) seems to uphold it as a paragon for creative, tactical, [...]

I Could Live There: An Ode to Downtown Oklahoma City

By Andrea Buglione, P.U.M.A. Associate In the 1990s, I’m told, almost no one lived in Oklahoma City’s downtown. The sprawling city’s urban core was for workers occupying sterile office buildings until heading out for the day at five o’clock. Today, the area is home to nearly 10,000 residents, helping make it what we call an [...]

Our Communities Are Not For Sale Gentrification Summit

By Bree Davies, P.U.M.A. Intern Gentrification - “the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents.” ~ Merriam-Webster If we start with this definition of gentrification, Denver – like many cities across the world – is in the midst of a citywide gentrification [...]

Progress Report: Evansville, Indiana

We’ve been pleased to be engaged with the City of Evansville since 2016 in a two-step process to advance the revitalization of its downtown.  First, P.U.M.A. led an interdisciplinary team to develop an action-oriented master plan for downtown Evansville. The master plan focused on implementation through strategies to improve the downtown’s economy, environment and experience, [...]

EcoDistricts Summit

By Yvette Freeman, P.U.M.A. Senior Strategist  Last month I had the privilege of attending the eighth annual EcoDistricts Summit in Atlanta. I was introduced to EcoDistricts last year when Denver was the host, and I was amazed at the way gentrification was discussed -- candidly, openly and with a lens on equity and race. The distinctive [...]