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To Attract Amazon, Let’s Invest in Ourselves

By Brad Segal, published in the Denver Business Journal, Sept 22, 2017 In pursuing Amazon’s HQ2, the holy grail of economic development, Denver finds itself in a most unlikely position – a favorite. The irony is most appreciated by those of us that have been involved in the evolution of this city since the 1980s. [...]

All In Denver: New Voices and New Choices in Denver’s Growth Debate

Last week’s election emphasizes the importance of local initiative.  Good things happened in Denver – school funding and bonds were approved for DPS, the region supported arts and culture through an extension of the SCFD tax and state voters approved a significant increase to the minimum wage.  Since the summer, we at P.U.M.A. have been [...]

2017 Global Trends Report Now Available!

The 2017 edition of P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report highlights opportunities arising from converging shifts in demographics, lifestyles and competition that are rapidly shaping our cities.  An award-winning research effort, P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report is a go-to resource for downtown management organizations, business leaders and local decision-makers. 2017 marks the tenth year that Progressive Urban Management [...]

On Gentrification and Social Equity

P.U.M.A. senior strategist Yvette Freeman offers the dual insight of having lived in a neighborhood that has undergone gentrification and worked for downtown business improvement districts that are promoting community vitality.  The following comments were made by Yvette to set the stage for a discussion on Gentrification and Social Equity at the recent International Downtown [...]

Global Trends Update: Social Equity Benefits the Downtown Economy

Our 2014 Global Trends Report revealed several new influences shaping downtowns including the growing social equity movement.  Social equity is characterized by a fair and equal opportunity for residents to achieve upward socio-economic mobility.   The most visible indicator of the issue is growing income inequality in America, which is now at its most extreme since [...]

After 28 Years, Goodbye LoDo

In the spring of 1987, I was hired by the Downtown Denver Partnership to open a storefront office in the Barth Hotel to advance revitalization efforts in the decrepit Lower Downtown district.  At the time, Denver was reeling from a real estate depression triggered mostly by a bust in oil and gas.  Lower Downtown had [...]

Global Trends Update: The Rebound Wave

P.U.M.A. will be periodically providing updates on topics of interest to supplement our Global Trends Report.  In our first update, P.U.M.A. intern Liz Munn offers insights into The Rebound Wave: How Millennials Are Driving Growth in Second- and Third- Tier Cities. College-educated young adults aged 25 to 34 are twice as likely to live within [...]

Denver Needs a New Growth Narrative

From the August 14 edition of the Denver Business Journal, unedited. The recent Denver municipal elections revealed a significant shift from the past 30 years and the emergence of two dominant factions, neither of which bode well for leading the city into a new future.  Rooted in the lessons of the 1980s, both our economic [...]

Detroit – The Other 90% of the Story

The plight of Detroit has been on my mind throughout the summer.  I’ve had some connection to the city since I was born.  My mother lived in the Motor City in the 1950s, raised two kids (my half siblings) and eventually moved back to Denver after her first divorce.  Later (much later), I was involved [...]

The Deal That Should Have Never Been

In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a class on urban revitalization strategies for graduate students at the University of Colorado Denver Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program.  For our “incentives and ethical trade-offs” session, we’ve used Aurora’s Gaylord incentive agreement as a featured item of study and discussion.  In just 37 [...]