We’ve been pleased to be engaged with the City of Evansville since 2016 in a two-step process to advance the revitalization of its downtown.  First, P.U.M.A. led an interdisciplinary team to develop an action-oriented master plan for downtown Evansville. The master plan focused on implementation through strategies to improve the downtown’s economy, environment and experience, and included a road map to help mobilize the community to form a self-sustaining downtown management organization financed in part by a proposed economic improvement district (EID).

Last year, P.U.M.A. was brought back to Evansville to help form the downtown EID. Prior to its formation, Evansville was one of the largest U.S. cities without an improvement district. With an initial budget of over $600,000 – one of the largest in the state of Indiana – the EID focuses primarily on safety and beautification programs, business recruitment strategies and marketing. In addition, the new dedicated funding source allows downtown Evansville to achieve other transformative ideas identified in the downtown plan.

As noted by Downtown Alliance Director Joshua Armstrong, “The sustainability of a downtown organization has always been a challenge in Evansville, and this is the tool that creates the sustainability that unlocks continued, transformational urban growth.”