Above view of large group of people communicating.The 2017 edition of P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report highlights opportunities arising from converging shifts in demographics, lifestyles and competition that are rapidly shaping our cities.  An award-winning research effort, P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report is a go-to resource for downtown management organizations, business leaders and local decision-makers.

2017 marks the tenth year that Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.) has conducted ground breaking research to identify the top global trends impacting American cities. Originally prepared for the Downtown Denver Plan to forecast our hometown’s growth, the P.U.M.A. Global Trends Report has subsequently been utilized in cities throughout the nation to support a variety of downtown planning, marketing and economic development initiatives.  Broadening and deepening our research, the last two Trends Reports were created along with the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning.  P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report was the recipient of the International Downtown Association’s President’s Award, acknowledging its value to the place management and downtown development fields.

The 2017 edition of P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report finds downtowns and urban districts benefiting from powerful market forces that have accelerated.  Urban areas that once took decades to improve are transforming in a matter of years.  The resulting urban renaissance is good news for city builders but is also presenting new challenges. 

As in past editions, the 2017 Trends Report introduces new trends to reflect the latest market dynamics and thought leadership in the evolution of cities.  Joining mainstay trends in demographics, lifestyles and global competition, we offer insight into new phenomena that are becoming game changing considerations for cities, including:

  • The emergence of Gen Z, the generation now coming of age behind Millennials.
  • The Rise of the Mid-Tier City, exploring how Millennials are increasingly attracted to the affordability and lifestyle of smaller cities.
  • Housing and Livability looks at how downtowns are becoming multi-dimensional neighborhoods.
  • Social Equity is becoming an economic imperative for downtowns to retain their historical role as centers of opportunity, diversity and tolerance.

Download the 2017 Global Trends Report via this link.