JJ Folsom HeadShotTieWe’re excited to welcome seasoned urban designer and transportation planner J.J. Folsom to P.U.M.A. as our new senior associate.  J.J. brings 20 years of experience with transit oriented design, urban design, downtown planning, streetscape plans, complete streets and alternative transportation projects.   At P.U.M.A., J.J. will lead placemaking planning and design services to bring added depth and in-house capacity to our downtown strategic planning practice and help us grow and build upon our new healthy communities initiatives.

 We’ve known J.J. for more than 10 years, when he was an associate with the Denver urban design firm Civitas.  We worked together on several projects, including P.U.M.A.-led downtown planning efforts in Grand Junction, Colo., and Stillwater, Okla.  Prior to his ten year stint at Civitas, J.J. was a transportation planner with Charlier Associates, one of Colorado’s most respected transportation firms.  Most recently, J.J. served as a senior associate with MIG, one of the nation’s top urban planning and community outreach firms and a P.U.M.A. collaborator since our joint work on the Downtown Denver Area Plan.

 An avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, J.J. enjoys family camping trips and other forays with his wife and two daughters.

 Please join us in welcoming J.J. to the P.U.M.A. team and contact him directly at JJ@pumaworldhq.com or 303-628-5551.